6/365 great day

Today was a great day. The kids played outside on the back patio for hours this morning. I got so much done! Laundry has been overwhelming since the newbies came. It’s not the washing it’s the putting away that is so hard. But now it is all put away!!!!!! Tomorrow we start back to school…boo. I have really enjoyed this break. I’m not going to lie I am usually going crazy at this point with all the togetherness. Not this year… I’m really going to miss my babies! Bunny had a friend sleepover last night and they dyed pink streaks in their hair. Lila was upset because she can’t have colors in her hair (lower school rule). I had planned on just trimming her hair but she decided that she wanted more than a trim. My girl picked bangs. I was nervous! Silly me because she looks gorgeous!! Henry decided he needed a change too, he is now sporting a faux hawk. New year new look.

We have something coming up on Thursday that we are really nervous about. I can’t tell you what it is yet but if you could please send good vibes our way I would really appreciate it.

Here’s a pic of La helping one the littles button her jacket. Lila and Henry are amazing helpers just like their big brothers and sister.


2 thoughts on “6/365 great day

  1. For some temporary color that even shows up on dark Asian hair, try hair chalk. It washes out in one shampoo, so she could wear it on the weekends or when she’s not in school. I use Fine Featherheads brand. Super easy and fun! Lots of colors to choose from too.

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