I wish

I wish I could show you pictures of our beautiful babies. I want you to see Taytay’s beautiful smile,  Papaya’s big brown eyes and Squizbo’s chunky thighs. I have wanted to share these things with you all year. My heart is so full. If/when a baby joins our family for good I promise you will be bombarded with pictures of chunky thighs, beautiful smiles, and big-brown-eyes. 


holding my breath

I feel we have been holding our breath for the last year. Its been a full year. A year in limbo. We have been fostering two of our little girls for 13 months. The other sweet babe for 6 months. Our precious Tay-Tay is leaving soon. We got the call a month ago that she will be going to live with her Grandma. She has been our daughter, a sister and a niece for 13 months. She will be greatly missed. Our sweet little Squizbo has a MRI today at 3:00. Hopefully we get some good news. It’s been a happy year it’s just a little sad right now.