304/365 Happy Halloween!!!

The Litles could not wear their costumes to painting class (too messy) so we did face painting. At first they were going to be kitties but changed their minds. They wanted to be smooky!

happy halloween





303/365 love her

This is where my girl sits sometimes while I am watching tv. She just likes being close to me. How did I get so lucky to be loved so much by this incredible girl?


300/365 being brave

Mr. Hink is not a daredevil like his sister he is much more cautious. He wanted to climb the tree after art with the other kids. Halfway thru he changed his mind. I convinced him to keep going and here he is clinging for dear life. Of course that’s not the way he tells the story…

300/365 scared

299/365 this is how I shop

I can’t post pics of the babelets faces unless I do this. Anyway this is what my TJ cart looked like. You can’t see the bags of squash and brussel sprouts surrounding Papaya, but trust me she was padded on three sides with vegies. She was having the best time eating my purse strap. I stacked various items on Puddin’s carseat. Hey it worked!