243/365 all by myself

I got to go to Costco all by my lonesome. A totally different experience without the crew. Very relaxing.

243/365 all by myself


238/365 choo choo

What can you make with a laundry basket. a rubbermaid tub. two chairs and a rody horse? A train of course! When i hear “Mommy come here we want to show you something” I know it’s going to be something good. Love their big imaginations!!! Four rocks! (don’t mind the unbrushed hair and underwear..sometimes that’s how we roll)

238/365 choo choo

237/365 hair do

I gave “Teeny Stink Dog”, aka Princess Fiona a hair do. She was not happy…she kept trying to bite me and then gave me the cold shoulder the rest of the night. Oh well! It was totally worth it she looks adorable. My niece Tae said “hey my Mom used to give me ponytails like that when i was a baby” and Li piped in “when I was a baby my Mommy did my hair like that too!”. I like how they think of the dog as a person and identify with her. So cute!

237/365 stink dog