208/365 mmmmmm

I made a large mason jar of delicious Sangria for our sweet friend Carrie. She is house/dog/chicken sitting for us while we take off on a little adventure. We figure this will be our last chance for a while to have a mini vacay what with the babes that will be staying with us come September. So we decided to head to the beach to celebrate sweet Henry’s 4th birthday. It will also help ease the pinch Delila and Bunny are feeling over the boys going to Iowa, it’s a combination of a wee bit of missing them and being a little jealous. I hear at least three times a day “I wish i was in Iowa” from Miss D.

208/365 sangria


One thought on “208/365 mmmmmm

  1. Have fun on your min Vaca! The Sangria looks good! To bad i’m not old enough to drink! D:
    I hear all the time from my mom that Sangria is really good! Oh your boys are so close to me! I’m right over in Nebraska

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