202/365 gnome

Today at camp the kids made gnomes. Li does not know how to sew…so her teacher made her this little gnome. so sweet. my baby. the gnome.the teacher.Tomorrow is Li’s last day of camp. She is having a lot of fun but she counting the days until it is over and she can just stay home. Fine by me…I miss my girl.

202/365 so sweet



2 thoughts on “202/365 gnome

  1. That IS sweet. I like your posts. I think its interesting that you post daily, that you keep so much private but still show glimpses. I remember your post when you had to pull your two littles out of your old preschool, you were so sad. Today is our girl’s last day at her daycare…she’s been there for 3 years because I work full time, I remember hating to put her in and now ironically, they’ve been so wonderful, taken such great care of her all these years, she’s social and has loved much of her days there and now between jobs I have to take her out…I was feeling sad for her. Today’s post was a wake up call, made me remember she won’t feel deprived, she’ll be thrilled to be spending her days with Mommy. And what a gift for me, to see my precious girl all day. Thanks! ;0)

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