185/365 Happy 4th of July!!

We had a busy busy fun-filled day. We stared our morning by going to the movies and since it is a holiday Daddy got to come too! Every Monday we go to see a kids movie, todays movie was Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It’s all part of Harkins Summer Movie Fun. Then we came home and Will and I made this amazing Blueberry Ricotta Cake (OMG SO GOOD) a pasta salad for kids lunches and this delicious Pesto Power Salad for Grown up lunches. I also made this delicious Sangria (minus the brandy and we mix in a little gingerale). After the babes woke up from their nap we bbq’d and played in the pool. After swimming we all had ice cream and cake then the babes went bed. We played mexican dominos and then watched fireworks on tv.  It has been so hot that I was actually dreading this weekend but it turned out pretty wonderful.

Lila’s turn to wear the popcorn shirt

popcorn shirt

Fireworks from the couch



2 thoughts on “185/365 Happy 4th of July!!

    • They are up to 54″! They are getting lanky and looking like little men, The popcorn shirt gets the wearer free popcorn We bought it for my parents for Christmas and they left it with us when they went home for the summer..

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