212/365 Emergency Lumpy to the rescue!

I am too lazy to link to past posts about Lumpy…sorry. If I was not so lazy you would know that Delila loves her Lumpy and I purchased an “emergency Lumpy” and that he was not quite the same as original Lumpy. Anyway… Lumpy went on our trip with us and unfortunately got left at the hotel. When we realized he was gone, we called but no one had turned him in. I suspect he went to the laundry with all the bedding because we left him in the bed. Delila went to bed asking for him and woke up asking for him. I told her that Daddy had called the hotel and they were going to mail Lumpy to us. She said he was probably drinking some bubbly and hanging at the beach. I agreed with her and told her that they would probably wash him before they mailed him to us. So when we got home I went to work and retrieved emergency Lumpy. Delila looked at him and said his hair is different, his tail is different and he had a “new” tush tag. We told her that they gave him a makeover. “Ohhhh” she said “that was so nice! You look really good Lumpy and you smell good too! Now don’t ever do that again Lumpy I missed you!” So sweet!!!!
lumpy makeover


210/365 Happy Birthday Henry James!!!

Henry had a fabulous birthday. He had a special birthday breakfast where the restaurant staff kept bringing him treats and presents. Then we headed to Coronado to celebrate with Laura, Ed, Molley and Matty. It was a very special day!!!

210/365 Happy Birthday Henry James

Shut the front door Henry James is 4!!!


My sis made this awesome shirt, it says “Yeah Baby!” on the back.


Birthday Dinner! Have you ever seen such a huge pizza???? Seriously.

monster pizza

This trip Henry and Matty were inseparable!




208/365 mmmmmm

I made a large mason jar of delicious Sangria for our sweet friend Carrie. She is house/dog/chicken sitting for us while we take off on a little adventure. We figure this will be our last chance for a while to have a mini vacay what with the babes that will be staying with us come September. So we decided to head to the beach to celebrate sweet Henry’s 4th birthday. It will also help ease the pinch Delila and Bunny are feeling over the boys going to Iowa, it’s a combination of a wee bit of missing them and being a little jealous. I hear at least three times a day “I wish i was in Iowa” from Miss D.

208/365 sangria

207/365 leaving on a jet plane

My boys are off on an adventure! I asked them to try to not look so happy about leaving me…. *sniff sob* They are on their way to Nonnee and Poppy. I predict that this “the most awesome summer we have ever had” is going to get a whole lot more awesome. Poppy has BIG plans for his oldest grandsons. And while I already miss them I am so excited for them.  I only wish someone would take pictures hint hint,

207/365 leaving on a jet plane

206/365 isn’t he lovely

This is what I came home to…isn’t he lovely? Bunny and Henry were so proud! In her defense he has been begging for a “makeover” (he sees Li get them all the time). Bunny finally gave in and he was thrilled. Never a dull moment in our house!

206/365 isn't he lovely

pretty boy

This one really creeps me out..”Bride of Chucky”