168/365 intense

I have been working on filling out all our f*o*s*t*e*r forms this week, there are so many online and by hand. It’s some pretty intense stuff. I thought it would be easy considering my mad dossier skillz but i was wrong! Questions like who lived in my house when I was five and how did we express happiness. There are a ton of those. My mush brain is struggling.

168/365 intense


3 thoughts on “168/365 intense

  1. Do you have the Pride classes in your area? We had to take 27 hours of Pride classes. They also deal with “how you feel” with different subjects when you were a child. Then you have to tell the class. UGH! LOL!!

    • Seriously??? We too have 27 hours of classes they start on Tuesday. So maybe I should hold off filling out that form until the feelings class? Sharing feelings with strangers…can’t wait!

  2. Wow. That sounds very intense. No wonder there’s a shortage of foster families. My husband and I have considered doing it. But, I’m not sure I want to go through even more than I did for three international adoptions. I applaud you and your husband.

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