154/365 new direction

Today we went to get fingerprinted for level 1 C*P*S* clearance. We have decided to become a f*o*s*t*e*r family. So pending approval we are going to be having little bitty house guests. We are all very excited and nervous. We want to do f*o*s*t*e*r/adopt so there is a chance that one of our future guests might become a permanent member of our family. If you ask Delila what we are doing she will tell you that we will be taking care of babies until their Mommy and Daddy get better. Will and Ethan are excited to hold little babies and love on them. I think it will help heal them to be able to give someone else what was not given to them.

I know I don’t share what really goes on in our family that I only show you the pretty things but the ugly things are not mine to share. The internet is forever. Our life is not perfect but everyday we get up and we try again.

new direction


5 thoughts on “154/365 new direction

  1. Ooooh I will be eagerly following along. Although I don’t suppose you’ll be able to share much? I have been seriously seriously pondering this for my family as well except I don’t think we’ll grow out family any more beyond this point so we’d just do the f*o*s*t*e*r variety. Maybe we can be in touch via email or phone? I’d love to hear how things go and how it impacts your family and your heart/soul.

  2. Kelley, I love what you share about your family. You have found a comfortable balance between sharing your life and respecting your childrens. privacy. I respect that about you! Can’t wait to see all the blessings this new adventure will bring you!

  3. Kelley,
    We are a foster to adopt family. We lost our first foster baby who came to us at 5 months. She went home to her grandparents 3 months later. It hurt soooo bad because we were told she would be adoptable! But we picked ourselves up and now have a 14 month old boy that looks like he will be adoptable. He also has a 2 year old brother that will shortly be coming into care. It’s so hard to let them go. But we are hoping to grow our family this way. We love it! As with the first baby we really helped her so much. She came to us so neglected it was heartbreaking. It makes us feel so good to help the little children! Good luck to you!

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