128/365 Best Mothers Day Ever

My day started with sleeping in and coffee in bed. Lila ran in my room and hugged me so hard professing her love and declaring that i was her very best friend. Henry and Lila made me the sweetest hand print cards (Thanks Daddy!). I decided instead of a store-bought gift what I really wanted were somethings checked off the Honeydo list. Fred made me an outdoor kitchen and the boys stained the spa and worked on the chicken coop. Fred and the boys (even Hen) worked their butts off while I enjoyed my day. I know sounds super selfish huh? Oh well! I had an awesome day. In the morning the girls and I went out to breakfast at Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles. Oh so Yummy! Then we wandered around a few nurseries. I lounged in my bed watching the Doll House. Then Bunny and I headed to the movies with my Mama, sister and JR. By the time we got home the kids were all fed and ready for bed. Awesome day! The boys were so proud of the work they did and how incredibly happy it made me.

Delila really liked the grits. She shoveled huge mouthfuls into her grit hole. Made me laugh! My grandma would have smiled. I miss you Grande! Made me happy to be reminded of you today.

128/365 grit hole

Bunny loved the red koolaid (makes me gag it’s way too sweet)!



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