112/365 my name is Kelley…

and I have a one legged chicken living in my bathtub. There was an unfoturnate event where my doxie (Chocolate Cake) got in the chicken coop. Aurora was attacked and lost her leg. For the last two weeks I have been nursing her back to health and she sleeps in a rubbermaid tub in my bath tub. She is so incredibly sweet and stays in her tub even though she can fly or hop out. Since this incident we have built a new coop and we are adding an additional fence between dogs and chickens. No our house is not stinky, I change her bedding four times a day and she spends time out in the yard.

112/365 Aurora


6 thoughts on “112/365 my name is Kelley…

  1. Aw, poor Aurora! Glad to hear she made it though…we lost a few chickens when our dog got out once…very traumatic for the kids. I’m sure they’ll love their new coop. 🙂

  2. Oh Kelley, you’re priceless…what a gift you have!! Your family is so very blessed to have you as their Mama! I’m glad to hear Aurora is doing well…she is beautiful! Miss you, but I thoroughly enjoy keeping up-to-date on your family thru pictures!! Thank you so very much for sharing!

  3. Oh my goodness. That’s the sweetest chicken ever. (you don’t say that much…at least not about a live chicken!) Poor baby. Glad she’s doing well. She looks great.

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