96/365 Happy Birthday Delila!

Delila started her day by opening her presents and cards



Then it was off to her favorite breakfast place..she told them “hello friends it’s my birthday!”


Then off to Sta*rbucks…Nonee and Poppy sent dollars so she could get a special drink.






Then we went to art class and made party hats and Delila passed out fruit leathers for treats.

art 1

art 2

art 3

Then we went to Toysrus so Lila could pick out a scooter. She chose the pink one with three wheels. FYI she says it’s super fast! Then we had lunch and naps. When Bunny got home they played with Li’s new games and puzzle. When Daddy got home we went to the store so Li could pick out a cake (she gets a homemade special cake on Saturday for her party). Li chose a chocolate cake.


Everybody sang Happy Birthday Dear Lila. We ended with cha cha cha and are you 1?are you 2? ect…

make a wish


Delila had cake for dinner. She had a very happy day!



Her favorite parts of the day…the special birthday shirt made by Una, Having breakfast with Mommy, Henry and Daddy, Talking on the phone to Nonne, Poppy, Aunt Berta, Una and Tae, Paying for her Starbucks, passing out treats to her friends, going to the store to pick out a cake with just Mama and Daddy, and her family singing to her. Here is a cruddy pic of my beautiful happy girl while we sang to her. Love her so! I am so very lucky to be her Mama!



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