91/365 big as his head

We had a busy night and ended up eating out. Had a rude teenager sitting near us staring and making comments about our family. Grrrrrrr.

91/365 big as his head


6 thoughts on “91/365 big as his head

  1. What is he eating? How did you handle the rude comments? I never know exactly what to do in those situations. Confront, ignore, talk to the kids privately afterward? So many choices…

    • we were at In and Out with the littles. This teenage girl was with her parents. I looked up and she was staring at us, so I stared back and she turned back to her family. I heard her singing “one of these things is not like the other one of these things is not the same” They got up to leave and she said to her mom I was singing in code trying to tell you something Mom. I did not say anything because they were leaving but I am still upset today. She was singing about my baby girl.

      • Now, I think I would have had to force myself to confront that one (because I have this awesome 20/20 hindsight, I would have come up with something really good to say 3 hours later). But that girl needed to be embarassed a little so maybe she will think twice the next time she decides she is smarter than everyone else in the room.

        I’m sorry an ingorant teen put a damper on your fun night with the kids.

  2. Oh that makes my blood boil! Her mom was probably mortified–hopefully she set her straight in the car. Some people are just idiots, though.

  3. Gosh some ppl can be so mean! I’m a teen myself, but can’t imagine myself ever, EVER saying something like that! I was taught by my parents to be loving and open to everything and everyone, and to never judge a book by its cover. If that was me i think i would have marched right up to that girl and set her straight. I hope her mother gave her a talking to when they got into the car.

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