78/365 cute on the outside

GRUMPY on the inside. Crazy how someone so small and cute can be soooo mean! Both of the lirtles are going thru some unpleasant phases, Hen is surly and talks back. Delila thinks she’s  big and cries/screams VERY LOUDLY when she does not get her way. Never a dull moment!

78/365 cute


4 thoughts on “78/365 cute on the outside

  1. Well, you coulda fooled me. Thanks for keeping it real (and reminding me what it was like to have children that age). It will pass… 😀

  2. Yes, I got to witness both of them this weekend….but I love them and still think they are super duper cute! Aubs really adores Henry…..she couldn’t stop talking about him! LOL!

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