63/365 mr overall

Delila had an eye appointment today. Her doctors name is Dr. Underhal, she kept calling him Mr Overall. LOL!!! Little Miss D is getting glasses for reading and watching TV. She was very brave when the Doc was in the room but while we were waiting she got really nervous and hid under the chair. She is so sweet and still so small. Love her!!! Her tiny glasses will be ready in 10 days. She is very excited. We made sure to get the jealous-little-brother-stomping-on-your-glasses-warranty. Even Cousin Tae is jealous that D is getting glasses. Who knew glasses were soooo cool????

My big girl

64/365 Delie

My baby

under the chair


3 thoughts on “63/365 mr overall

  1. My oldest got glasses for all-day use last year at 5 years old. It made such a difference in his learning! We told him that they had special ‘powers’ for super-vision. He was sooooo proud of them. But you might also buy the “the other kids took them off my face all day to try them on and now my frames are bent” insurance, or the “Opps, I keep forgetting not to leave them on my bed when I take them off, and I just sat on them” insurance.

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