33/365 cooking

It was very cold today so we stayed inside and the littles had a pajama day. I decided to spend the morning in the kitchen instead of in front of the computer. I want my kids to have fond childhood memories of a Mama who  loved making them yummy things, They would run into the kitchen for tastes of whatever I was making and to check the oven. I decided to let them help me today. They were so wonderful. I am such a lucky Mama!

*we made Broccoli bites for lunch and they were SUPER YUMMY!!!!! you can find the recipe here For dinner we made chilli pie and to the chilli part we added three grated zucchini and 2 grated carrots. Delicious and nutritious!

cooking one





33/365 are the cooled down yet?


Waiting for them to be cool enough to eat.





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