24/365 I should have known better!

The littles had their first painting class today. I did not tell them we were going until we pulled into the parking lot. I had hinted at a surprise and when I told them Henry was very excited. We went into class and put smocks on and then it was time for the littles to find a seat, there were not two seats together (not good). Then the teacher said Mom’s need to go out and Delila screamed and cried “No Mommy No!!!”. Delila and I spent our time in the hall where she peeked in the door. I tried bribing her with the promise of candy to go back in and she did for a minute until the teacher spoke to her and she freaked out again. She went back in  two other times when Henry was not doing what the teacher said to do…”Henry Miss Ashley said to put your picture on the big table to dry, come on Henry I’ll go with you” “Henry Miss Ashley said to draw a flower, it’s a circle and some petals”. She would dart in and help him and then run back to the safety of the door. She’s a good big sister. And Bubba? He had a blast and feels very BIG.

The reason I did not tell them where we were going is because I was having a stressful morning and did not want to answer hundreds of questions…PARENTING FAIL! I’m so sorry Delila!

Notice how she has her arm hooked on the door? No one is gonna drag her in that classroom!

24/365 fail

Big Boy!


2 thoughts on “24/365 I should have known better!

  1. Oh…it so reminds me of our ballet classes with violet! nice work Henry! (btw, i ususally just read on google reader so i can’t see your page layout. very cute!)

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