357/365 dude this is somebodys house…

It was fun but seriously people live here.


Picnik collage


3 thoughts on “357/365 dude this is somebodys house…

  1. So funny – I tried to take some pictures, but there’s no way to capture it with an iPhone. Seriously though, that place is just beyond description. I really couldn’t decide if it was impressive or simply unbelievably gaudy. I guess a bit of both…

  2. See, I had to come look at the pictures again since I had the blog open. And E.’s thought? Exactly mine. I would *hate* to be their fricking neighbor. What isn’t apparent in the pictures is all the TRAFFIC around that corner. It’s so beyond words, the whole thing! I think I’d sneak out in the middle of the night and rig their fusebox or something to put myself out of my misery…

    That said, of course we were fascinated the one time we visited. I pride myself on managing to not have to do it a second time though!

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