352/365 my girl

Bunny went to a Tea Party and some of the girls were very rude to her. She cried all the way home with her little sister murmuring soothing loving words to her to make her  feel better.  The girls in our family may have attitude but we are not purposely hurtful or unkind. Makes me mad!!!

352/365 bunny


7 thoughts on “352/365 my girl

  1. Bunny is such a sweet girl and I am so sorry she had to endure that. I hate bullying in all its forms and she does not deserve to be upset by anyone.

    Sending Hugs xx

  2. ooooh, we deal with this too. This kind of passive aggressive, mean girl, insecure behavior will set me on edge!
    So sorry for Bunny, some girls can be so mean and sabotaging.

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