365/365 Snow

The zoo brought in some man-made snow this morning. So we loaded up our brood and headed out in the frigid cold. Seriously it is really cold here…it was 40 degrees. While that may be warm to some of you it is down right miserable for us. The babes quickly lost interest in the snow and then the whining and shivering began. The older kids had fun throwing snowballs at each other. Bunny was so into it that it was hilarious to watch her enthusiasim.

snow li

snow hen

snow delaney

snowball bunny 2


snowball bunny

snowball ee

All done!

sums it up


I am excited for 2011!

2011 will be the year baby Milo comes home and my sister will happy happy happy! Last night we went out for Ethiopian food (doing the embracing your childs culture thing). Yummy… but more than that it was the start of a great adventure. I am so excited for you guys, it will be a journey of a lifetime and you will never be the same.


364/365 shopping

Bunny and I spent the day at the mall. She used her Christmas money and her gift cards. It was actually fun! We are very different shoppers, I can walk into a store and find what I want within five minutes while it usually takes her an hour. This can be very painful for me. Not today, Today I just let it all go and let her do her thing. It was a great day.

364/365 dressing room

362/365 park

This is a great park we will definitely be coming here more often! The littles rode their trikes, Bunny and D played on the monkey bars, the boys played football and the grown ups just enjoyed watching happy children.


360/365 Playdate

Thanks for the invite Stacy! Stacy has been here since June and she already has a playgroup. Um I don’t have a play group… I suck. Like Bunny says “You need to try and make friends with the parents.” Easier said…

360/365 playgroup