318/365 sweet

Lila in her sleeping bag watching the Incredibles.


Hen and Fi watching Ethan weed wack…they both retreated to the safety of the house minutes later.

328/365 hen and fi


6 thoughts on “318/365 sweet

  1. Children and photos – both works of art. You do have the loveliest babes and you capture them well. Your Lila is a vibrant master oil updated and the b/w of your Hen foretells a hint of his future glory, look at him so centered. Dog is cute too. ;0)

  2. P.P.S WTH is up with that picture next to my comment? Where did that come from? For the love, that has to be as old as my first blog. I wish I knew how that got there…so I could make it go away. (‘Cause, you know, I’d much rather have a current fat, beat-down, pajama wearing Mom pic as my avatar. That makes sense.)

    I’m going to bed.

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