313/365 painful

Mealtimes are painful. My kids have to be the slowest eaters in the whole world. It takes over an hour for them to finish a meal. Bleh! It’s exhausting. Eat your dinner…chew and swallow..stop playing and eat… blah blah blah… Anyone out there have any tricks they want to share?

323/365 painful


9 thoughts on “313/365 painful

  1. I have the same problem. It takes my four-year-old an hour to eat every meal. It’s beyond frustrating. His food gets cold and then he doesn’t want to eat it at all. I’m all for being aware of what you’re eating and heeding your body’s natural hunger and satiation cues, but does he really need to chew noodles one hundred times before he swallows them?!

  2. I was hoping for tips myself. Seriously – it makes me insane when I’ve finished my meal 30 minutes ago and my little one still is chewing the same bite she’s been chewing since I finished.

    Here is my two-cents worth: My kids love stories, and every day they want me to tell them the story of my day – which always includes me turning into a superhero sneaking out of my office saving the world and sneaking back in like nothing ever happened. So i start the story, but I randomly stop the story when I see an empty mouth, and to start the story again, they have to take a bite. This also slows me down a little, and we finish dinner CLOSER to the same time.

  3. Thank God this is one problem I actually do not have. Binh is slow as Christmas at everything else, but when it comes to meal time, dude is all business. I don’t let the kids snack hardly at all, so when it is meal time they are both ready to EAT.

  4. Oh, I forgot to say there have been times (a while ago)when they’re messing around at lunch and I’ll tell them that lunch is over in ____ minutes. (like 15 or whatever). Then I remind them again with like 5 or so minutes to go. Then, at that time, lunch really is over and I put stuff away. They hurry and finish while I’m taking things off the table. I’ve only taken plates with unfinished food a couple of times. You know at school they have only a certain time to eat, so you shouldn’t have to stretch meal time into an all day affair. I know, I’m a mean, mean mommy!

  5. Addy is the SAME WAY! It drives all my other kids crazy. She is perpetually just taking her first bite when we are all finishing our last bites. Today at her little school, she was woefully slower than ever other little kid her age. Sigh.

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