312/365 because it’s my blog


big girls



5 thoughts on “312/365 because it’s my blog

  1. Awfully cute to see everybody enjoying the new family members so much!

    I admit, I was getting a little worried to not see posts for the past few days – I was hoping you’d catch up tonight, or I’d have gotten WAY worried! 🙂

  2. Ok, don’t know what’s gotten into me, swear I’m not stalking you with all these comments, must be those cute chicks with your cute kids, perfect combo. I must be a sucker for the classic marketing tool, pair kids with cute baby animals. ;0)

    • We got the chickens to lay eggs. They should start laying in May. We are building a movable chicken pen so the can be “frre range” and there won’t be any ordor. I’ll let you know how that works out LOL!

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