266/365 g00dwill

I went shopping tonight for zombie costumes for the boys. The Haunted House opens tomorrow. Can I just say shopping at G00dwill at night was a little bit yucky. I prefer daytime.

266/365 goodwill

2 thoughts on “266/365 g00dwill

  1. Ohhh, never done it at night. only during the day. And only at the new location (at least it was new when I lived there). Did it still smell like Cinnamon ass, even at night?

  2. this is a catch up comment, 22lbs?! WOW, Henry striking that dance pose?! Adoreableness with FLAIR, Delilah’s face of Joy, SERENITY personified and btw love Glee, dvr’d it but been too busy to watch, sigh.

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