258/365 two years

Two years ago today Henry James became our son. Bubba, we’ve come a long way baby! The first two pics are our first day together. I am not sure who was more afraid Hen or me. The pic with both babes in my lap was taken by my sister as she said “This is your new life”. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! The last two years have kicked my ass. If I have implied that this is easy, I apologize. These last three years have been the hardest years of my life. There were days when I was not sure I could go on, but I did…we did. The power of love people, it’s a mighty thing. My little guy was already asleep when I got home tonight. He is snuggled in his bed with Mommy’s love around his neck (his amber necklace) and his monster that his Mommy gave him. I think out of all my kids Henry’s journey has been the hardest. He is truly an amazing little person and I am very proud to be his Mama.

Picture 049

Picture 057

258/365 two years


13 thoughts on “258/365 two years

  1. My how times is flying (for me, at least!) It seems like not that long ago all of us were new parents, and now our kids are just growing and thriving. I know it’s not easy, but so, so worth it.

  2. My goodness, that first pic just breaks my heart! He has come SUCH a long way, you all have! Yes, it’s been an incredibly hard three years, but I know it has been an amazing journey and so much good ahead of you! xoxo

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