254/365 so cool

The kids tried out for this really cool perfoming halloween thing. They had a blast!

254/365 audition


3 thoughts on “254/365 so cool

  1. Very cool.

    But really, I just want to bitch. I’m so hungry that seeing that ass looking oatmeal photo a few posts down is making me hungry. (No offense to your oatmeal…I think all oatmeal looks like ass. Even though I like it.) I mean, I’d pretty much kill someone for a bowl of oatmeal right now. Instead, I’m drinking stevia dirty feet flavored tea. So, basically, I’m now even pissier than I was last time I texted you. Thanks a lot. (The Mid0l I sent Ed to the store for half an hour ago might kick in soon and then maybe I’ll be less hostile. Maybe.)

    I love you. 😉

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