295/365 wanna come for a swim?

*This is straight out of the camera* This is what our pool looks like after two storms and some intense heat. Yummy!.

295/365 green


5 thoughts on “295/365 wanna come for a swim?

  1. So glad to see we are not the only ones that have this issue after storms….

    The most incredible part is that with some shock and the pump running it can look like new in matter of hours.

    Makes you think about what you are actually swimming in – LOL

  2. We have huge issues after every storm but we haven’t had an algea bloom yet. Usually it’s a broken filter, broken vacuum, etc. Something about all the crap and debris that ends up in the pool after every storm seems to break all the equipment meant to clean it up. I swear I have a love-hate relationship with our pool!

  3. Hi Kelly, I’ve been reading along for a little while and in attempt to get back into my blogging routine am trying to go through and comment on everyone’s blogs. Sorry it has taken so long to introduce myself. We had a pool growing up and that picture brought back memories:)

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