232/365 ouch

I hurt my back. It hurts so bad it reminds me of labor pain. that.bad. Stacy took pity on my hobbling ass and lent me this awesome acupuncture mat. I am in love with it. I spent most of the afternoon sprawled on its pokey goodness (that sounds kinda nasty…sorry) it helped so much!

292/365 acupuncture


3 thoughts on “232/365 ouch

  1. um an acupuncture mat?? that sounds so cool. never heard of it before. i did acupuncture during my ivf cycle. i loooved it. but my broke ass cant afford it now:)

  2. Can’t speak for acupuncture but can definitely vouch for the Barrow Neurospine Center down at St. Joes! Check them out if your back issues continue…they definitely can help you!

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