226/365 yes that is my a$$

the day can only get better…. sometimes you have just have to laugh. Oh and btw I am at work. yep.

226/365 a$$


13 thoughts on “226/365 yes that is my a$$

  1. Yeah, what Nicki said! You have such a way of cracking me up. And yeah, the day can only get better from there, right? Plus at least it’s a Friday so nobody much is around at work, right? Better than it happening in the middle of the dance auditions this week?!?!?!

  2. I love you for you…this stuff definitely included. Thanks for the laugh. It may be your a$$, but hey, better than a big ol pair of flowery cotton granny panties.

  3. How I needed this laugh today! Thank you for posting that. LOL I’m so far “behind” on my blog reading…just saw it today. 😀


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