221/365 party

 Tomorrow is Will and Ethan’s 12th birthday. We celebrated tonight and had so much fun. OMG only one more year and I will have three teenagers…yikes!!!

221/365 birthday boys


7 thoughts on “221/365 party

  1. What a couple of handsome, sweet, young gentlemen!

    Ha, next year three teenagers. And an honorary teenager in Delila. 🙂 Gonna be fun!

    Happy Birthday guys! Delaney loved playing “monster” with you tonight!

  2. Oh, three teenagers. I will be there some day and I fear it. People ask me if it is hard to have three children who are ages 4, 3, and 2. I say yes, but what *really* scares me is to think that someday they will be 17, 16, and 15.

    Happy Birthday Will and Ethan!

  3. happy Birthday Will and Ethan, may your upcoming teenager years are filled with new, learning adventures of life, school, family, and lots of fun, and happiness.

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