215/365 aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

This is how it went down….Bunny and Delila were in the bathroom changing out of their swimsuits. Bunny picked up her shorts and noticed something on them. She gave them a shake and this little lizard landed on her foot. She screamed and shook her foot. It then landed on Delila’s foot and she lost her sh*t. She was screaming and flailing about. I ran towards the screams and she ran out screaming about a big bug. Poor baby! It took a long time to get her calmed down.

215/365 lizard


3 thoughts on “215/365 aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

  1. Oh, I’d have reacted like Delila too, you know that quite well as I reacted that way to the damn beetle. Dude, you have creepy shit here that gets into your houses. I really may have to rethink this whole idea… 🙂 (um, oops, I really should clean up my language, eh? Well I feel strongly about these things being in our houses!!!)

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