213/365 just swimming in the rain….

The big kids decided to enjoy the sudden rain storm by jumping in the pool. It looked like fun so Fred and I decided to join them (except for we jumped in wearing all our clothes). It felt awesome and I loved hearing their laughter. Note to self- follow impulses and be more spontaneous.

213/365 swimming

7 thoughts on “213/365 just swimming in the rain….

  1. I love swimming in the rain!

    When I moved to Tucson (a long long time ago when I was all of 22 years old) – I arrived at the beginning of August. My father and I stayed in a hotel because my apartment wouldn’t be ready until the next day. I jumped in the hotel pool that first night, and then the skies opened up – like a monsoon. I floated in the pool on my back and the rain felt so good after such a hot day…when I think about Tucson, I remember those August rains almost as much as the heat and the desert.

  2. That is so cool, Kell. Thank u for the reminder.

    LM, the August rains are one of the few things I loved about Tucson.

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