205/365 h0llis*ter

I took Bunny to the mall today so she could spend her gift cards. Abercr0mb*ie was fine. Are0postl*e was okay. But h0llis*ter sucked. It was really loud, dark, crowded and the sales people walk around spraying cologne. I got trapped in a corner and fssst’d with cologne. Ewwww! So gross… I could not breathe. I almost hurled. If this makes me sound really old I don’t care it was nasty. *for the record the clothes were cute just not as cute as Abercr0mb*ie.*

205/365 hollister

2 thoughts on “205/365 h0llis*ter

  1. They do this in England too, and even worse, the very English sales people put on terrible American accents to make it feel authentic! Wouldn’t mind if they were really American but they are not! Its so fake! And how are you supposed to shop in the dark?!

  2. I want to run when they come at me with samples. Hurl and faint…Noise is to keep you buying but instead you want to run..

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