183/365 wheeee

I’m telling you the fun does not stop around here! everything is fine!!! Can you tell what it is?

183/365 non stop fun


7 thoughts on “183/365 wheeee

  1. Ok, first I thought, pregnant but I’ve never seen a sideways pic like that…than I thought that’s a heck of a mammogram, lol. I give up…I’m either back to baby or D’s heart o’ gram is looking great?! Enlighten us please.

  2. Is it wrong that I’m a little jealous of that mammogram? 😉 Kidding. I haven’t joined in on that kind of fun yet, though it’s not too far off in the future. If you post your colonoscopy, I’m going to be a little worried. Actually, I’d probably laugh out loud like I did when I saw this.

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