165/365 speedy

We went to zoo this morning to play in the water. This little man took off and scared his Mama. One minute he was next to me and next minute he was gone. Screaming. his. name. gone. We found him in a matter of minutes he decided he was in the mood to slide. Afterwards I held him tightly and cried a little while he scarfed two cereal bars. Other than that it was a fun morning 🙂

165/365 speedy


6 thoughts on “165/365 speedy

  1. Oh Kelley, NOTHING feels worse. NOTHING. I’m so glad it only took a few minutes. You poor mommy. I’m so sorry.

    My mom is still scarred over the time a huge group of tourists got in between her and my little brother (who was maybe three at the time?) at the stupid state fair. It took something like TWENTY MINUTES before they found him. Seriously, she’s not over it.

  2. I was thinking today I’ve got to get us to the zoo to check it out soon – we should coordinate an outing! 🙂

    But ugh on losing Henry – the handful of times I’ve lost sight of Delaney it really does make my heart stop. It is just the worst feeling for sure. I’m so glad that you found him quickly, but I totally get how you were crying for a few. Tell my future son-in-law to quit scaring his mama like that!

  3. I was holding my breath even while reading that. You poor girl. I’m so glad you found him so quickly, but so sorry you had to go through that at all!

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