163/365 score

I got them at Albertson’s!

You know you are a dork when…you get super excited to find stainless steel waterbottles on sale for $2.50 while you are spending Friday night grocery shopping.

163/365 score


5 thoughts on “163/365 score

  1. WHERE did you get those????? I need some. I’ve been wanting to buy several, but don’t want to pay $10+ each. I’m going to have a reverse osmosis thing put on the sink and I’m going to give up plastic water bottles forever.

    You would be so proud. I’m rehabbing my paper towel habit. I bought 40 plain white wash clothes two weeks ago. We use them instead of paper towels now (most of the time). I feel so much better about not using a roll of paper towels every other day!

    I’m stopping at composting on my deck, though. 😉

    P.S. Even if you’re a dork, I love you!

  2. I’m jealous, they’re so darn cute, I’ve been eyeing stainless steel water bottle for a while now, just hate the $$. Yours are cheap and clever.

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