158/365 fi

Yesterday our puppy Princess Fiona had a freak accident in the yard. As far as we can figure out we think she ran into the vines and hit a hard pointy part right in her soft spot. Fi has a soft spot just like a baby (it’s typical in chihuahua).  I heard the screams and could not figure out what happened. Her head started to swell and she would not stop screaming. We totally freaked out. Her eyes were all wrong. Her gums went white and she was going into shock. I put some corn syrup on her gums to keep blood sugar up. Fred drove her to our vet but they were closed. We found a vet who was open and he headed that way. Poor guy got a flat tire. The babes, Ethan and I were about five minutes behind him.  The first 24 hours were the scariest. Poor pup has brain damage to her frontal lobe.   Our vet was awesome, she advised us to give Fiona a chance.  Because she is so young she is resilient. For the time being she is mentally “dull”.  She still wags when she sees us and looks up when you say her name. The good news is she will most likely completely recover. She is home with us tonight. My girl is very different. She can not drink water out of a bowl, chew hard food, walk, stand up very well ect… The vet says she will need to relearn all of these things. We are just happy to have her back and I look forward to helping her learn. She is special girl and is very loved.

158/365 fi


13 thoughts on “158/365 fi

  1. Been thinking about you all throughout the day, worried that the worst had happened. So glad she is home and doing ok – scary for all of you, stuff for her to get through yet, but doing ok. Whew. We can’t wait to meet the cutie when we get there and she’s up to it! 🙂

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your little pup! What a freak accident. Hope she recovers quickly!
    When you get a chance could you email me? Would like also the password if you don’t mind sharing. Be well and healthy today! Rhissa

  3. oh no!!! Poor fi! That’s heartbreaking!! My dizzy kitten who was zapped by electricity and couldn’t walk or stop shaking is *completely* recovered. You could never tell anything was wrong. Granted it wasn’t as serious of an injury as your baby but the vet is right, they are super-resilient!

  4. How scary. I’m glad she’s home and hopefully she has a full recovery. How are the kiddos handling the event?

  5. I’m so glad that she’s home and has a chance! It bothered me all day today. As a Chihuahua mommy I know how delicate these little babies are and the first 6 months are the hardest. Hugs and kisses to your princess!

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