150/365 grown up time

Tonight the kids are at my sister’s house (Bunny is at her dad’s), we are picking them up tomorrow. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! We really needed a break! I think this is our first night all by ourselves since the kids came home in 2007, unless you count when I stayed with Fred when he was in the hospital. Thank you so much Sarah!!! We went out to dinner and then we saw Sex in the City (loved it!). Afterwards we walked around the marketplace and listened to a band. After the movie I checked in with Sarah everyone was asleep except for Delila and Tae, they were still up giggling in Tae’s bed. So here we are at home all by ourselves, I’m not going to lie…this is awesome!!!

150/365 ahhhhhh


4 thoughts on “150/365 grown up time

  1. Just wondering if I can get your password, I usually lurk, but I have a daughter from vietnam, I think the same age as yours…shes 31/2, but doesn’t like to say the half!!!

    Anyway, I think I would be interested in reading about your time, it sounds like Delila was asking about her adoption, my daughter doesn’t like to talk about it and when you ask her where she is from she says philadelphia!!! she is a funny girl.

    so if you are so inclined, i would like the password, if not, i will continue to lurk…i love your blog.

  2. Good for you! So glad Sarah took everyone for the night, you two definitely deserved a night to yourselves! Glad you made the most of it and I hope you SLEPT IN this morning!!!

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