117/365 little g*ym

Delila had a trial class today. She had fun! She was so excited and nervous on the way there. Here she is checking out the gym before the class started. I liked the teachers a lot but I was not wild about the parents and nanny’s that were there. I’m not trying to be mean. After listening to them talk I could just tell that we did not have a lot in common.

117/365 little gym


3 thoughts on “117/365 little g*ym

  1. Hope she had fun, too bad the mom/nanny mix was a bad fit. BTW, replied to your email on the flip flops – just a reminder in case it went to spam again, lol.

  2. You definitely have to try out different classes if possible. We started Gymboree a month after Aiden came home. We went during the day and I felt SO out of place with the group of moms/nannies. When I switched to Saturday classes it was such a better fit for me. Aiden loves it whenever so it helps when I enjoy it too 🙂

  3. I have that same issue with classes, never quite the right fit. It doesn’t sound bad at all that you said it. Quite frankly, when I go to events like that, I don’t even try..I just happily read a book or whatever. I am not ever one to try to establish false friendships or even conversation just because our kids are in the same class. I feel you though..hang in.
    Love your new little puppy..my kids would be so jealous.

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