114/365 car shopping

Bunny, Delila and I spent the afternoon car shopping/scouting. We went to five different dealerships and picked out the cars that we liked. Then this evening I took Fred to show him what we had found. We have picked the strangest variety of vehicles. I like them all for different reasons. One of them is kinda a mini van…GASP!

Here they are in no particular order:
1. the vw routon (I’m crushin’ on this one)
2. cadillac escalalade or srx (drooling)
3. ford expedition (nice) or flex (undecided)
4. chevy tahoe (very cool)
5. honda pilot (so freakin cute!!!)

114/365 car shopping


3 thoughts on “114/365 car shopping

  1. I still promise not to disown you if you go with the minivan. :0 But I pick (1) Escalade (my future car) and (2) loaded Tahoe (my current car). But again, if you go to the dark side, I’ll still love.

  2. I’m too lazy to google the cars. But, are they all seven passenger cars? Do you have a car that your entire family can fit in now? And, what about after you bring your next child home? Is there a car that can fit that many car seats, etc? I ask because my husband and I are thinking about adopting a 4th child and the car issue is one that concerns me (seems silly I know). Right now, our mid size SUV barely holds three car seats, so we’d have to move up a size.

  3. We have an expedition and I looooooove it! We have separate audio in the front and back- a must have!

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