106/365 love

love this girl so much it hurts!

106/365 tubby


4 thoughts on “106/365 love

  1. You’re not the only one. Mattix wants this girl in his bed.

    Love you!

    BTW, I told Matty we were going “home” in a few weeks and he’d get to see Lila. Molley screeched, “And Henry?” Guess she might have a cat fight with Delaney. Your son is officially a pimp. And based on what I know about the gorgeous Ms. D (even though she was as sweet as pie when I met her) and what I definitely know about my girl, it could get ugly! Stacy, I don’t think D bites, does she? You might want to teach her, ’cause Molley has a mean bite. Just ask Matty. Or look at his arms, head, stomach, and back… he he he

  2. Hey Kelley,
    I just caught up on a few of your posts.
    GREAT and WONDERFUL about Will and Ethan. Lee, for the first time, as been put “on level” and reading on a higher level than some other children in his class who been speaking English their entire lives.
    I am so proud of his determination and how HARD he works to achieve a goal. I can see your boys are similar in that way.
    If you get a chance, I would love to have a private email with you. I have a couple of questions.
    Also, about the kids school. My heart was just aching for you while reading about you having to pull them out. I know that hurt and I know you have heard a lot of words of comfort. But I will say this, you have been given a gift. Not certain what it will be or what will come from it, but the extra time you will now have with your kids (as much as you will be pulling your hair out on some days) will be time that heals your heart.
    Love your photos, you have come so far and really have developed a creative eye.
    Be well,

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