89/365 cupcake

Tomorrow Delila is taking cupcakes to school. Her birthday is not until next Tuesday but tomorrow is Delila and Henry’s last day of school. It is a very emotional subject for me that I just don’t have the energy to talk about right now.  Happy things ….my house smells like cupcakes, the sun is shining and no one is crying.

89/365 cupcake


7 thoughts on “89/365 cupcake

  1. It’s a beautiful picture as always, have your happy moment, but please share, not to invade your privacy but because a shared burden is lightened in the sharing. I hope everyone is ok, thinking of you.

  2. I know this is hard for you. I’m so sorry. It will be okay, but it doesn’t make it any easier. If you’d like, I’ll drink one (or several) Goose and Tonic(s) just for you. Let me know how many you need. 🙂 Love you!

  3. I’m sorry you’re having an issue that’s making you feel sad. But, this colorful photo has made me feel happy on this dreary, rainy morning in New England. So, thanks for that!

  4. (((hugs))) here’s to new beginnings and making lemonade out of lemons and all those stupid cliches that don’t really make you feel better in the moment but tend to work out that way regardless.

  5. What a good mommy making cupcakes, even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t know what’s going on, but hope you’re ok soon.

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