75/365 helper

delila helping her daddy hook up the dvd player. and yes those are christmas cards you see in the background. yes I know it’s almost April…I can’t bear to take them down.

75/365 helper


4 thoughts on “75/365 helper

  1. I had last year’s cards up on my fridge until I had to take them down to put this year’s up. I still have some of this year’s up, though I did do a little tapering, and I suspect they’ll stay there until the move. And they just might go up in the new place.

    Love watching Li with her Daddy!

  2. Hey I’ll admit it, I took down the Christmas tree and all the decorations down on Feb 25. I’ve just been so behind on everything this year that I threatened to decorate the tree for K’s Birthday which was on 2/28

  3. hey, i spy my card up on your wall too!:)
    i know, i was soo sad to take down my cards. one of my fav parts of christmas.

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