62/365 I heart vapor rub

Does anyone else smear vapor rub on the littles feet when they have a cough? No? TRY IT!! It quiets coughs so your babe can sleep.We goop them up and then zip them up in a cozy blanket sleeper and everyone sleeps. I’s a beautiful thing,  I have no idea how it works but it does! Weird huh? Does anyone else have any strange remedies they want to share?

62/365 miracle

3 thoughts on “62/365 I heart vapor rub

  1. This works almost TOO well. I don’t know why the sensation of breathing freaked me out so much-but I had to get up and wipe it off my feet.

  2. we need this tonight-husband just went to drug store to get some. Thanks for sharing (should have try it before starting the antibiotics though…so I could feel like I tried everything grr)

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