61/365 friends at last

finally! I’d say Henry likes Bunny about 75% of the time. He looks for her and asks for her to pick him up. The other 25% he treats her like poo. We are getting there,  it is much better than before. Poor Bunny she has such a tender heart.

61/365 friends at last


6 thoughts on “61/365 friends at last

  1. What a precious picture of Bunny and Henry! This was one of those pictures that just melted my heart. Glad to hear Henry is warming up more and more.

  2. Wow – we have that going on too here. G~ is not very nice to his oldest sister T~. I don’t really get why. She’s the same age as your Bunny is also…I wonder if it is because he sees her as an adult and only wants me as “his person”? She feels bad sometimes about it…she says hi to him in the morning and he yells, “NO!” to her. We’re working on it too…I’ve been having her help him when he needs it so that he will start thinking of her in a more positive way. Any tips you have for me, drop me a note! 🙂 Thanks!


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