54/365 funny

Today before nap we stopped at the store to grab a few things I needed for dinner. My secret to a smooth and quick shopping experience with the littles is twofold. 1. the cookie- stop by the bakery for the free cookie 2. I ask them to hold things.  For instance I asked Delila to please hold the baster  (I want to roast a chicken once a week and I needed a new baster). We are walking along when I hear “Mama is this for my nose?” I looked down and this is what I saw.  Gross but oh so funny!!!

54/365 is this for my nose?


3 thoughts on “54/365 funny

  1. OK, too weird! I roast a chicken a week too (love it, so helpful!). I bought a baster this weekend…. and Caroline STUCK IT UP HER NOSE in Target! Silly girls!

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