40/365 oh no

Conversation with Bunny on the way to school

me: who are you texting?
Bunny: My friends
me: why are you texting right before school
Bunny: because “they” are texting me
me: oh…
me: wait a second which friend are you texting with????
Bunny: Shane

a boy…my baby is texting a boy. NOOOOOOOO! When I got to work I shut my door and I cried. I am so not ready for her to grow up. Oh and yes she knows I check her phone and read her texts…I’m that kind of Mom.

40/365 oh no!!


6 thoughts on “40/365 oh no

  1. Gasp! Ok, I’ll have to remember to come back and see if Bunny comments on this too. You are going to be in so much trouble, the boys are going to be SWARMING cause she’s so awesome, but eek, I’m not ready yet either! Oh, what these boys will need to go through to get very close to “our” (I can say that, right?) Bunny…

  2. Goodness, don’t I feel old? Texting boys…I remember the love notes on notebook paper that said “Do you like me? Check box yes or box no.” Suddenly, I now have lived in the “good ‘ol days”!

  3. oh, i am NOT looking forward to those days…but I say, good for you for checking her phone! I think everyone should be one of “THOSE” moms…that means you are a good mom, IMO πŸ™‚

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