59/365 smurf hands

I dyed a bunch of tiny little shirts yesterday and today I am still rocking the smurf  hands. This afternoon I sewed various pretties to the tiny shirts. It was kind of yucky weekend. Had some unexpected stress on Friday and I let it ruin my whole weekend. It also rained all weekend so we were stuck inside- 5 kids plus one tightly wound mama does not equal BIG FUN!

59/365 pretties


54/365 funny

Today before nap we stopped at the store to grab a few things I needed for dinner. My secret to a smooth and quick shopping experience with the littles is twofold. 1. the cookie- stop by the bakery for the free cookie 2. I ask them to hold things.  For instance I asked Delila to please hold the baster  (I want to roast a chicken once a week and I needed a new baster). We are walking along when I hear “Mama is this for my nose?” I looked down and this is what I saw.  Gross but oh so funny!!!

54/365 is this for my nose?

53/365 our kind of yum

As I was making dinner this afternoon I contemplated how every family has their own version of what’s yummy. For instance my family loves this vegetarian dinner. Dal soup over rice, steamed spinach, mango chutney, yogurt and naan.  I’m pretty sure a lot of you might think this looks yucky. But one persons yuck is another persons yum. 🙂 What unique meal does your family adore?

53/365 dinner