23/365 changes

We have officially started the process for Baby fi (that’s what I call her in my head). If everything goes as planned (it’s all about the money) she should come home from Ethiopia right after Delila and Henry turn 4, the boys will be 13 and Bunny will be 15. We have started construction on a new room for Lila that she will eventually share with her new baby sis. I’m excited to create a new room for my girls, you all know that it helps make it feel “real”. I have to make a few changes to the room D and H share now, like removing the pink polka dots. I’m thinking a  train table would be a perfect addition to Henry’s big boy room. *happy sigh* I guess I am just excited about it all.

23/365 changes

Poppy and Freddy worked very hard today.

11 thoughts on “23/365 changes

  1. Hi there glad you see that you are expecting a new family member. So are we! If you go to youtube and enter “hong and melissa” there is a video sharing our news!

  2. Yay! How exciting!!! I’m in the process of waiting for my son’s (born in VN) new baby sister to be referred to us from Ethiopia. Am excited to watch your journey!

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